City Glass Company

City Glass Company has been a mainstay in the Pikes Peak Region since founded by James H. Davidson in 1950. The glass company has been family owned and operated since its inception and is proud to continue to operate in the family tradition today.

Today, as in the past, City Glass Company prides itself for providing prompt, courteous, quality service with fair, affordable pricing. Warranties are provided on both our products and installations.

While City Glass Company offers no auto glass services, we do cover virtually all other aspects of the glazing industry.

With the largest fleet in Southern Colorado, we can assist you with all of your glass needs in a timely manner. Please give us a call or stop by today and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you with all of your glass needs!

Trust City Glass with Your Windows and Your Property

Your Windows Installed with Care

City Glass Company is delighted when customers have been well served. It is always our intention to do the best we can, whatever the need. Recently we received this encouraging note from one of our valued customers:

City glass installed new windows in our bay window and they are amazing! The installers were


City Glass knows Windows

incredibly kind, clean and prompt and we loved the whole experience. Would highly recommend them for any glass work. Thanks for everything Keith and crew!


If you have any glass window needs we can be of help with, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can reach City Glass Company online or by phone at 719-634-2891.

City Glass Service is the Best Around

City Glass Service is the Best Around.
See Why…

When we do a job, we know we are dealing with people, and we want to build great, life-long relationships. We do everything possible to make their experience pleasant and productive with limited disruption. We care for people’s property and are careful to ensure quality and cleanliness in all we do. In this spirit, City Glass Company would like to share what “Mrs. A” had to say when she called in to discuss her recent glass service provided by City Glass.

“The entire process of dealing with City Glass was a pleasure.  Jamie, the estimator, did a great job! The glass was ready ahead of schedule and delivered by Terry O and Jeremy with the best of care. They treated everything in my house better than probably their own.  I’m very happy with City Glass and would recommend them to anyone.”

Quality Glass Service by City Glass Company

Quality Glass Service by City Glass Company

This kind of testimonial about our glass service is what we hope to hear after every job. It really makes our day to get notes of this nature! How about giving us a chance to make your day with a great glass project done well? Do you need new windows? Glass doors? Mirrors? Shelving? If you have a glass need, we’ve got the solution for you. Give City Glass a call at 719-634-2891 or visit City Glass online anytime to see what we can offer you.



Helpful, Friendly City Glass Team

Your friendly City Glass team loves to make happy, satisfied customers! We hope you will enjoy the following testimonial letter we received from Linda as much as we did. Thank you for your feedback, Linda. You’re encouragement is very much appreciated!


I just want to give a “shout out” about one of your employees. I don’t know her full name, but I think it’s Cindy (?). She sits at the left desk as you are standing at the front counter.

Last month, before the holidays, we had our kitchen refurbished. I came into your company looking for a particular design of glass for a corner cabinet. I was told that style of glass was no longer carried by your company and I would have to settle for a second choice which I really didn’t care much for. We were under the gun to get the kitchen finished before the holidays.

I left the door frame with your staff while I went home and checked on the Internet. I found a company in Denver that might possibly have it so I returned to pick up the door frame.

In overhearing our earlier conversation and seeing my disappointment about the glass, Terry remembered a job earlier that involved that particular type of glass. He did some checking and found that they still had a piece of glass that was left over from the job. It was exactly what I was looking for!!!

I got my wish and everyone loved the glass and the story behind it!Happy Glass Customer
Again, thank her for the awesome customer service and to your company for a GREAT JOB!!

Linda Crom

P.S. You might want to reconsider carrying that style again!

To learn more about City Glass Company and what our helpful, friendly City Glass Team can do for you, call us anytime at 719-634-2891. We’re here to meet all your glass needs!

Glass Shower Door Specialists of Colorado Springs

Need a quality glass shower door for your Colorado Springs home?

A glass shower door is the highlight of any bathroom. Adding brightness and style, a first–rate glass shower door gives a bathroom that extra touch of excellence. Colorado Springs’ City Glass Company custom designs and installs shower doors, as well as custom cut mirrors and etched bathroom windows.


Glass shower and tub enclosures of Colorado Springs.

City Glass specializes in shower and tub enclosure installation for homes throughout the Colorado Springs region. With a wide variety of textured glass and stunning glass etching, we make each glass shower door exactly to customer specifications. In addition to textured and etched glass, we provide custom tinted glass as well as insulated glass. Combined with exquisite custom cut mirrors and etched glass windows, City Glass is your number one stop for bathroom remodelling.

Our glaziers not only improve the appearance of your bathroom, they ensure your glass shower door is installed with the highest expertise. While our eye–catching glasswork ensures your shower enclosure looks its best, our insulated glass ensures utmost comfort. WIth quality installation, we ensure your shower door is cleanly installed, fully functional and with no leaks.

City Glass will provide your Colorado Springs home with the glass shower door you’re looking for. Contact City Glass today to see how we can assist in remodelling your home bathroom with shower enclosures and custom cut mirrors.


Property Management Glass Services

Property Management, Glass repair, and Installation services

Property management involves many responsibilities, but glass repair doesn’t have to be one of them. Let City Glass take glass repair, maintenance and installation off your to-do list.

City Glass helps property managers care for the properties they manage and meet the expectations of tenants and property owners. We have a team of expert glaziers ready to take on any glass repair or custom installation project. We’ll handle all window replacement, glass shower door repair, screen door repairs, mirrors and glass cabinet installation. Call us for anything from Window Repair to Emergency Glass Services.
property management glass services
Our extensive glass services are perfect for small repairs  and major renovations alike. Property managers utilize City Glass services for remodeling, updates such as shower enclosures, and home window installation. At City Glass you’ll find the best window prices of Colorado Springs, saving you money and adding value to your property.

Our glass services for property owners will assist you promptly with all of your glass repair needs. Contact City Glass online or call 719-634-2891 today to see how our glass services can improve your property management experience.