Window Glass Replacement

Glass replacement and window glazing

As windows begin to wear out, reglazing plays an important role in sealing out weather from your business or home. The putty–like glazing compound used to seal and hold a window in place acts as both an insulating and stabilizing agent. Though window glaze can last for decades, it will eventually need replacement. Not only does City Glass Company provide glass replacement for any window but our reglazing services ensure that the glass will last.

glass replacement window glazing

Glass and window reglazing throughout Colorado Springs.

City Glass Company is Colorado Springs’ reglazing expert. Our experience in dealing with high altitude pressure issues is especially vital in this area. We provide reglazing for new and antique windows throughout Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. For business and home owners who wish to preserve their existing windows, we can almost always reglaze while retaining the original window frame.

Window glazing has come a long way since quarter-inch plate glass was used in all commercial applications. With a variety of colors, low–e, and high–performance glass products, City Glass Company can help you pick a glass replacement product which meets your performance requirements. Contact City Glass Company today for a quote or to find out more about our services.