Glass Company FAQ

Common questions about City Glass Company

Do you have a question for City Glass Company? Our customers’ most common questions can be found right here. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact City Glass Company at anytime.

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Colorado Springs’ most reliable glass company for glass storefronts, home windows and more.

  • Does City Glass Company repair auto glass?
    No. Unfortunately, we do not sell or install automotive glass.
  • If a window gets broken in my home or business, does City Glass provide emergency service?
    Yes. Just call our 24-hour emergency service department at 719-634-2891. We are here to serve you anytime of the day or night.
  • How do I know City Glass is a reputable company?
    City Glass has been in the glass and glazing business since 1950. We are the oldest and largest full-service glass and glazing company in the Pikes Peak Region. Our glass and glazing company has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. With over 35 employees, and 20 service vehicles, we offer fair, fast, and honest service on small and large-scale glass and glazing projects throughout the Pikes Peak Region.
  • What core service does City Glass provide?
    We are in business to serve customers who need basically anything involving glass, mirrors and related materials – in residential, commercial and new construction settings. This includes the following: replacing glass in homes and businesses, installing new aluminum store fronts, curtainwall and glass for new construction of commercial buildings, repairing storm windows and doors, installing custom mirrors and shower enclosures, providing glass table tops, screens, picture frame glass, and aquarium glass repairs.
  • Do you do high altitude re-glazing?
    City Glass Company has extensive experience and takes extra precaution when installing windows at higher elevations. We make sure windows used at high elevation have breather tubes. Breather tubes help relieve pressure between glass panes, which occurs during transportation between altitudes.Windows that have breather tubes are usually manufactured at lower elevations. The tube, made of aluminum, is installed between the panes of window glass. When moving windows from the manufacturer to the installation site at higher elevations, the breather tube will be opened to allow air pressure between panes of glass to be equalized in the new climate. Once equalized, the three to six-inch tube is crimped shut. The window is then acclimated and expected to offer a long life of service in its new surroundings.