Glazing, Glass and Insulation Explained

When it comes to windows, glazing simply means “glass”. Glazing is mounted in the window and held in place by glazing putty and a frame that holds it in place. City Glass offers numerous options for window glazing. Double or triple glazed windows create more insulation, reducing heat loss through the windows. Glass can be tinted to keep out sunlight, or coated in a clear film that greatly increases energy efficiency. In the Colorado Springs area, it is comforting to know that City Glass is a high altitude glazing expert. There is little worse than getting new windows, only to to have them fail because they weren’t chosen or handled properly in altitude.

City Glass Team Specialty Service

What is so special about the relationship between high altitude and glazing? 

City Glass takes extra precautions when installing windows into a home or business located at high elevation.  We make sure the windows we use at high altitude have “breather tubes”, which help to relieve the pressure between glass panes that occurs during transportation between altitudes.

What do breather tubes do?

Windows that have breather tubes are usually manufactured at lower elevations. The tube, made of aluminum, is installed between the panes of window glass. When moving windows from the manufacturer to the installation site at higher (or lower) elevations, the breather tube will be open to allow air pressure between panes of glass to be equalized in the new climate. Once this has occurred, the 3 to 6 inch tube may be crimped shut. The window will then be acclimated and expected to offer a long life of service in its new surroundings.