Plexiglass for Your Home

Plexiglass Cutting and Installation with City Glass Company ~ Colorado Springs

Plexiglass for your home

Plexiglass for your home

Plexiglass is a wonderful alternative to traditional glass in some home situations. When you want shatterproof clear views in high traffic locations, it could be your best solution. Strong, beautiful, and affordable, Plexiglass gives the beauty of glass without breakage. Plexiglass has many advantages over regular glass for some specific purposes.

Let’s look at a few Plexiglass advantages…

1 – Shatter Resistancy

Plexiglass requires far more pressure to crack than a pane of glass of the same thickness.  It does not shatter like glass. It is also a strong material that can withstand a softball, making it an excellent product for areas where children play. It is used in products such as police shields and basketball backboards because it doesn’t shatter and because it is easy to see through.  

2 – Transparency

The clarity of Plexiglass is superb. More than ninety percent of sunlight and about eighty percent of shaded light can pass through, making it the clearest material available. Thicker glass tends to have a green tint, but plexiglass is clear no matter how thick it is.

3 – Ease of Use 

Much easier to cut than glass, plexiglass requires no scoring for cutting. It can be easily sawed into any size needed for a project. Plexiglass is also lighter than glass; weighing only about fifty percent of a comparable-sized piece of glass.  It is also less costly to ship because of its lighter weight and handleability.  

4 – Coatings

Plexiglass can be treated with UV coatings for protection. Plexiglass can also be tinted to any color by applying a thin, even amount of transparent paint. Once the paint has dried, a layer of clear coat needs to be applied over the tint for lasting protection.

Do you have a project that requires plexiglass cutting or installation in place of standard glass? Make sure it’s done right the first time. City Glass Company will help you get exactly the right cut and size of high quality plexiglass for your needs. Put a professional touch on your home improvement job!

City Glass Company can handle your custom order, no matter how large or small. Whether you need just the glass alone or need it framed and installed, we’ll help you finish your project with ease. From simple straight cuts and glass trimming, to elaborately complex angles and circles, the City Glass team of experts will complete your project with friendly efficiency. By trusting us with your glass needs, you’ll get results you love the first time.

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