Board-Up Services

Board-up services for commercial property is reliable and fast with City Glass Company!

During board-up services process

board-up services exterior view

board-up services exterior view

When you’ve got a broken window in your business, board-up services play an essential role in protecting your private property and investments. Whether you own, manage, or lease commercial or residential property, a quality board–up prevents both weather damage and vandalism.

City Glass Company professionally and tastefully covers up broken windows, doors, storefronts and curtain walls. We come quickly when an emergency arises and make the repairs as non-invasive to your natural flow as possible. We leave your space free from drafts, rain water, and secure from easy break-ins.

Reasons you might need fast window repair services include:

  • accidents
  • hail damage
  • fires
  • floods and mud slides

Emergencies can be weather-related or due to human error and accident. When they do occur, call us.

Access our emergency board-up services any time you need them. They provide safety and security to foreclosures, storefronts, remodeling projects and new construction. Maintain security and protection in your home or business with City Glass Company, Colorado Springs’ most trusted glass company.

Please call 719–634–2891 for City Glass Company’s residential, storefront and commercial board–up services.

There when you need us!