Quality Glass Mirror Installation by City Glass Company

City Glass will complete your
ideal mirror installation.

mirror installation

Perfect mirror installation of your custom mirrors

Correct mirror installation matters. And when the mirror is a focal point in a living space, quality installation matters even more. So how does City Glass achieve the best look for your space?

  • First of all, City Glass Company custom designs mirror glass to your specified shape and size. The right custom mirror maximizes any room’s welcoming appeal.
  • Secondly, City Glass Company cuts, bevels, polishes and installs your mirrors. We do this whether you need a personal custom, one-of-a-kind glass mirror or a large-volume of mirrors for commercial use. We are up for any project you may require.
  • Finally, after working directly with our clients through the design process, our glass professionals install each new mirror with care and precision. After installation, City Glass Company is available for adjustments and repairs.
  • Do you need your mirrors custom framed? Learn more about this gorgeous option here…

“City Glass provides excellent quality glass, workmanship, and customer service.”  ~Brian Baugh

Are you ready to make your living space especially lovely with mirrors? Visit City Glass Company online or call us at 719-634-2891 with your glass mirror installation questions. Having served a variety of homes and businesses throughout Colorado, City Glass has the expertise to help you utilize mirror glass in awe-inspiring ways.